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The History of Vibration Fitness

Vibration Fitness has had a long and remarkable history. From its origins in ancient Greece, to its innovation through notable visionaries such as Gustav Zander and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, it has evolved into an accepted and widely used exercise regimen. Its contemporary users include sports teams, celebrities, and even space programs. It is now recognized by many as a beneficial therapeutic fitness solution.

The Origins of Vibration Fitness

The first applications of vibration for the improvement of human performance is believed to have been developed in ancient Greece. This was a saw covered in cotton and was used as a tool to transmit mechanical vibrations to the part of the body that was not functioning properly.

The Early Development of Vibration Fitness

Gustav Zander

In 1857 a Swedish doctor named Gustav Zander built seventy different exercise inventions, some of which were various types of vibration exercise machines. He also started the very popular Zander Institutes as an early form of today's health clubs.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

In the 1880's and 90's, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (the developer of Corn Flakes) utilized a unique vibrating chair design with platforms and bars that shook and claimed to have cured headaches, back pain and constipation These vibrating chair designs were used at his Battle Creek Michigan sanitarium. These methods were part of his 'wellness' strategies for inpatient and outpatient populations.

Modern Implementations of Vibration Fitness

Russian ballet dancers

In 1960 vibration excerise techniques began in Eastern Germany. One of Russia's key sports scientists and a member of the Soviet gymnastics team, Vladimir Nazarov, first introduced this technology to competitive sports, ballet and medicine in the former USSR. He translated these findings into practical uses for the athletes he observed to increase flexibility and strength.

In 1999, a Dutch Olympic team trainer, Guus van der Meer, introduced this technology to the general fitness industry.

Astronaut in outer space

Due to the lack of gravity in space astronauts exhibited muscle atrophy and signicantly lowered bone density which forced them to return to earth rather quickly. For rehabilitation after space flights, Russian scientists experimented with vibration stimulation and found that by using this equipment they could not only stop the loss of bone density and muscle tissue but actually increase them. The Russians were able to set an all-time record of more than 420 days in outer space by using the whole body vibration exercise technology. NASA astronauts, training with conventional fitness machines, were forced to return after only 120 days due to muscle and bone loss. After the fall of the Soviet Union, vibration exercise technology was discovered by other countries. Today, NASA fully embraces vibration exercise techniques with much success.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise fitness is backed by many years of indepth scientific research. The Russian Space Institute (RSI), NASA and the European Space Agency have all been using this technology for over 10 years.

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