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What is Vibration Fitness?

Vibra Pro Vibration Machine

Vibration exercise is one of today's fastest growing fitness sectors due to its quick and effective results. More doctors, trainers and therapists are recommending vibration training as an effective way to burn fat & stay in shape. Recently, vibration exercise has attracted a great deal of media attention, raising the awareness of vibration plate technology. Celebrities such as Madonna and Clint Eastwood are now using whole body vibration training as part of their daily routine for fitness and weightloss. Oasis Health and Beauty is selling Vibration machines and offering Vibration Fitness sessions for weight loss in Kitchener Waterloo 

Whole body vibration exercise is unlike any other fitness program - ten minutes a day is all you need! But just because it is relatively easy does not mean that it doesn't work. Some of the world's top professional athletes and sports teams are using vibration technology as part of their daily exercise regimen. Perhaps more importantly, some of the most drastic results are from everyday people who simply don't have the time to get to workout at a gym. Fitness is finally both fun & time-effective with Vibra Pro iSmart whole body vibration fitness!

How Vibration Therapy Works

Woman on Vibration Exercise Machine

Whole body vibration platforms work by stimulating the natural reflex reactions in muscles, causing them to continually contract and relax. Various positions and postures can be used allowing muscle stimulation in different parts of the body, the energy is transferred safely and effectively stimulating every cell, including muscles, soft tissue and bones.

When you stand on a vibration platform, the vibration energy is transferred to your entire body. First it stimulates the Achilles tendons, which follow nerve receptors to the cerebellum (the part of brain that's responsible for balance). The pleasant vibrating action causes the brain to tell the muscles in your body to actively and voluntarily react and contract. While these vibrations are too fast for a person to voluntarily react to, the body's own reflex response allows muscles to react 20-45 times per second (depending on the speed). This entire process is achieved with very low impact on the joints and bones.

Just 10 minutes a day can be as effective as 1 hour of traditional exercise!

Explanation of Vibration Exercise


FUN, FAST & AFFORDABLE          10 min = 1 hr jogging!

Discover the fitness secret of celebrities, sports & Olympic teams and the NASA space program! Burn fat, lose weight, tighten and tone, boost collagen and smooth wrinkles. Improve chronic pain and injuries, build bone density and muscle, improve mood and energy & so much more. Receive $100.00 off the purchase price of the most new and amazing fitness machine on the market. Premium oscilating & linear motion with solid steel construction. Excellent for business or home use.
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